Your Best Marketing Tool may Be Lurking in Your Client List.

Testimonials are a proven way to increase your company’s creditability. You see a lot of those testimonials when you search the web for products. In fact you may have some of them on your site.

They generally appear like this

“ABC seminars provided our firm with all of the tax information we needed for a successful tax season.”

“CDF’s client write-up system was easy to install and implement. We had our clients up and running in no time.”

The reader gets a sense of security by reading a testimonial from someone who has attended your seminar or purchased your system.

Copywriting Testimonials

Mine those testimonials like they are filled with gold…because they are.
Imagine the impact if you told the whole story behind the process of satisfying that client’s wishes and solving their problem.

You provide your reader with a true story detailing how your company came to the rescue and saved the day. It’s a classic story of the victim, the villain, and the hero, culminating in a happy ending.

It could be your best seller.

Stories are great learning tools.

They have been used through the ages to pass down knowledge to the listener. They hold our attention and they make an impact on our decision-making. And most important, they are easy to remember. The story stays with us long after the reading has ended.

Enter the case study.

Case studies are the means of telling that story. More than a brochure, and less than a white paper, the case study supplies the facts in an attention getting and interesting way.

Including case studies in your marketing arsenal helps you generate leads.

  •  Your client is reading an expanded testimonial from a satisfied client.
  •  A case study is written in a way that pushes your client’s sensory buttons. The
    reader feels the triumph of slaying the villain.
  • The client receives first-hand knowledge of the benefits your seminar or software

The anatomy of a case study

Case studies are created in a special way. Let us take the topic “Marbella villas” not the easiest topic to write about but let’s give it a go:

  • Background of the client. You introduce your client’s business.
  • Stating the problem. You provide the detail of the problem your client was facing and how it affected their business.
  • The road to your door. You explain the processes that your client tried before contacting your company.
  • A solution. Your company steps in and saves the day for your client.
  • Call to action. Stress how your company can solve similar problems for the reader. And then urge them to contact your sales staff or visit your website for more information.

This is written with your client’s words, not yours. The reader feels that he is reading a story from a satisfied clients’ view…not a sales piece filled with hype.

Short, sweet, and simple, but…Powerful.

Take advantage of the best marketing tool in your toolbox.

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