Writing for Business

Say goodbye…

to your old marketing techniques. They had a good run. No hard feelings. It’s just… how do I put this nicely? No one cares. If you want to keep up nowadays, you need fresh content on a regular basis to keep people intrigued.

Define your awesome

People need a reason to be interested in your business. You already have that reason, but you may not be able to articulate it. That’s where creative branding comes in. If you’re just starting out and need help brainstorming ideas, no problem. If you’re already established and know what you need, I’ll follow your lead.

non profit writing

Writing Services

Promotional Materials: snappy advertising that reels people in

Blog posts: You pick the length & frequency, I’ll come up with the content.

Newsletters/Emails: I’ll manage your email list and keep them engaged.

White Papers: Make a strong case for your product or service

If what you need isn’t mentioned above, just ask!

If You Decide to Work With Me…

  • The first revision is always free, and a simple contract is provided that we’ll both sign.
  • You provide a deadline for the work to be completed.
  • I’ll regularly send you detailed updates if the project is long-term.

Contact me to receive a same-day quote for your project!