Non Profit Writing

Nonprofits need content…

but that doesn’t mean you have the time or desire to write it. While preoccupied with running programs, planning events, and finding volunteers, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend your slivers of free time tediously writing for the organization.

Content can determine whether or not you receive needed funding (grants), community attention (newsletters), or well-deserved accolades (annual reports).

non profit writing

I know, you’re somewhat of a superhero.

Of course you could write your own content if you had to, but it’s not just the words you’re paying for. It’s peace of mind– knowing that there is one less thing you have to juggle.

In short, you probably work harder than most. You deserve some help – help that doesn’t wreck your budget.

Writing Services

Grants: no need to dread fundraising. I’ll write proposals and follow up​​​​ so you don’t have to

Newsletters: I’ll manage your email list and keep them engaged

Web Management: this includes blog content & web copy

Social Media: updating and syncing any social media accounts

Promotional Materials: brochure text and design, press releases

​Annual Reports: tailored to your needs

If what you need isn’t mentioned above, just ask!

If You Decide to Work With Me…

  • The first revision is always free, and a simple contract is provided that we’ll both sign.
  • I’ll disclose my phone number so you can be sure I’m not a cyborg.
  • You provide a deadline for the work to be completed.
  • I’ll regularly send you updates if the project is long-term.

Contact me to receive a same-day quote for your project!