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Outsourced Amazon Copywriting

Outsourcing has become an integral part of the copywriting industry. Amazon SEO copywriting jobs will often require the generation of between twenty to over one hundred articles on a specific subject.

Get it optimized

For a lot of Amazon business owners, who often manage more than one amazon product listing, it would be impossible to create great SEO amazon product listing optimization effectively.

For entrepreneurs who are busy managing their Amazon online businesses, having to create these optimized landing pages can be far too overwhelming.

Outsource your Amazon product listing

For people in this situation it can be beneficial to outsource any Amazon copywriting work.

Fortunately there are freelancing services such as, and, which are sites where freelance service providers bid on copywriting jobs posted by such business owners.

Asian freelancers

Several entrepreneurs provide Amazon outsourcing assignments to companies located in Asian countries like India, Pakistan.

Although many of these businesses have their own web sites and bid aggressively on projects on the well known freelance sites they might not always be the best choice.

These companies often staff people that write articles for low prices, who often don’t speak fluent English, so the articles can be unsatisfactory.

On the other hand, some of the most experienced and professional copywriters are from India and Pakistan, and they will often work for lower rates than other providers.

Choosing the right copywriter

Selecting the right freelancer can be a difficult task, because not all native English speakers are also good writers.

Sometimes, despite their education, they do not understand sentence structure or do not know how to capture an idea, and you end up with low quality articles.

The best advice I can give is to always evaluate writers you want to hire by making them submit samples of their previous work, and then choose the best writer for your project.

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