I’m not Casper – I’m a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting has done so much for me; I’d like to share some of it with you.

Of course, it’s highly evident that it has refined my writing skills; the great feedback I get from writing for others has grown substantially as my experience grows.

Hiring a Ghostwriter
Hiring a Ghostwriter

Getting paid for my thoughts

Interestingly enough, I never thought that getting paid for my thoughts on any subject would be possible. I find however, that when I expound on something and use my personality to do so, the more readers like it!

I love being able to use my creativity to create a basic outline and then follow it, allowing me to establish my own boundaries and limits. It’s like being the author of a great screenplay and then playing the lead in it!

Broadening my horizons

Having to perform the research to write something on such diverse subjects has widened my horizons. I am knowledgeable on an assorted amount of subjects because I am a ghostwriter.

Those who are not writers and do not think like writers have trouble expressing themselves in such a way that they are proud of their own writing.

These are the people I work for, and to me that’s extremely rewarding. They may not trust their own writing, but they will trust mine.

Keeping an active mind

Research proves that keeping an active mind is essential to prevent brain aging, and so I am extremely thankful that being a ghostwriter fulfills this directive.

This is not like doing crossword puzzles, which they report as being good for you and your mind, but because I must fulfill such an intricate assortment of orders, I have found that the more I write, the better I am able to concentrate on the subject matter.

In other words, being a ghostwriter has kept my mind sharp and clear, and as time goes by I can actually feel the excitement that being a ghostwriter brings me.

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