Fighting Cancer with a Hormone

Melatonin to Fight Cancer

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in the human body naturally. The most essential function of melatonin is regulating and establishing the body’s circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is like our internal clocks that tells our bodies when to wake and sleep. The quantity of melatonin in the body stays very low during the day and gradually increases as the evening comes. After you fall asleep, your body releases less and less melatonin uk into the stream of your blood. This will let for a gradual awakening and aids in maintaining a steady circadian rhythm.

Melatonin is formed by the pineal gland located in our brain. It is also a powerful antioxidant. Because of the antioxidant properties it has been shown to have helped with sleep disorders of autistic children and those with ADHD.  As well as helping the visually impaired with sleep problems.

Take a look at the below video by Russel Reiter, PhD. He explains the role of melatonin in the fight against cancer.

Melatonin Side Effects

Melatonin side effects are few but should be noted. First there is a possibility that errors and defects in manufacturing can cause complications and unintentional side effects. It is very important to know if the manufacturer of the supplement is reputable. You should also know if the company is in a nice standing with the Better Business Bureau. This might sound over the top however it is better to know if you are putting chemicals inside your body as well as the melatonin.

Second, there are some who have reported they have experienced a greater likelihood of nausea and headaches while taking melatonin. While these are not major complications, they are absolutely bothersome and once you encounter them you need to either stop taking melatonin or decrease the dosage. Along those similar lines, several acquire dizziness, depression and abdomen ache even though these do not affect very many people. You may also want to talk with your doctor before taking melatonin.

Third, some have experienced nightmares after taking melatonin. It is possible to have lucid dreams as well but most studies do not show this as very common or extreme as a result of taking melatonin. Do not take melatonin while pregnant or trying to get pregnant as this is a hormone that taken in high dosages can be effective in helping as a birth control method. Do not depend on this by itself for birth control but it can interfere if you are trying to get pregnant or are pregnant.

It is recommended as well that people who experience hypertension or liver issues should not take melatonin.  You should always consult your doctor before adding melatonin to your prescribed drugs you are taking. Melatonin is known to interact with other drugs because this is a hormone after you’re your doctor might suggest that you begin a lighter dose and afterwards increase the dose for your usage once it is needed. While there is no life threatening melatonin side effects, drug interaction can be a real problem.

Probably the most common side effect from melatonin online is daytime sleepiness or grogginess during the day. This can result as taking too high a dose or taking too late at night. Melatonin supplements should be taken 30-60 minutes before bedtime to get the best results.